Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Crinum Lily

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These are two Crinum Lillies I found working in one of my gardens. The owner has about 20 large clumps of these lillies, which are closely related to the Amaryllis (and which I thought they were at first). These two are seedlings. The larger one still has the original fruit attached to itself. The small one, from root tip to leaf tip is about 5 inches long. I moved them from where they were since they get so big but had to take a photo since they are so beautiful.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

The Tree of Referrals

Today I met with Monet, a woman I know who lives in a house owned by one of my clients. She called me up because she has been working as an interior designer and wanted me to help with the outside. It is a great house perched way up in the hills overlooking the Getty Center off of the 405. I am looking forward to doing this bit of work - it is mostly pots and that is really the fun stuff for me.
On the drive home, I was thinking about my friend Sue because I still dont have anything to wear to her wedding this weekend (aaaaahhhhh). Then I realized that the reason I know Monet is because of Sue, and then I thought about how many clients I have just because of Sue. I owe her big time!
Sue gave my name to her friend Ross because they were looking for someone to plant in front of their architecture studio. I did and we are all very happy with it... Anyway, I then worked at Ross's house in the hills above Hollywood. One time I was down at the bottom of his property, which meant I was on top of the neighbor's wall overlooking their back patio. That is how I met Edoardo. I started working for them, and then they had me do work over at their house they rent out - thus meeting Monet.  I also met another neighbor, Yasmin, and now I am doing work at her house (incredible views!). And through Monet, I am hopefully working for her client. That is 5 people from one referral.
Sue then gave my name to Pam who works in her office. I started working for Pam and met her neighbors (because I am so social). I started working for Maurice, his neighbor Delton, then Lydia and also Barbara who is accross from Pam. Maurice's wife gave my name to Stephanie who is all the way over by the Getty Center, down below of this new person today. I did a lot of planting at Stephanie's plus working on her veggetable garden. Pam also gave my name to her client, Sara, who is out in La Canada Flintridge. A beautiful place but watch out for bears and mountain lions! That is 7 clients from one referral!
All told Sue has given me 12 clients, all without me having to pay for advertising. And the best part is all of them are very nice, interesting people and it has allowed me to work all over the city on some beautiful homes. Which in turn is allowing me to go to the department store and purchase a dress for Sue's wedding! Thank you Sue!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Business associations

The pool guy and I have been working at this same house for over two years. I dont know his name and I doubt he knows mine. Our conversation:
"hey, hows it going"
20 minutes go by
"there is glass on the patio. I wonder what from"
"yeah, I noticed that"
"its going to be hot out today"
"yeah, lucky I am in the shade"
another 10 minutes
"see ya"
head nod.
Do I know how to converse or what!

maintenance meanderings

This morning I am going to clean up the house of a rock star. For some reason, every time I go there I have to listen to Jane's Addiction on my ipod. Seriously, they have nothing to do with each other but I always wonder if I will meet Perry Farrell when I am raking leaves around the patio. Maintenance can be kind of boring so my brain wanders in strange directions.
Last time I was there a guy showed up to meet with my client. He stopped when he saw me and asked who I was. He was so surprised at seeing a woman gardener. "A woman gardener, imagine that". I never know how to respond. I have had people tell me that I can't possibly mow a lawn even when I am standing next to my lawn mower. I just look at them. What else is there to do?

Monday, August 22, 2011


I was walking back from the car mechanic this morning and went past this papaya tree in someone's front lawn. They also had guava, cherimoya and banana trees. I have never seen the papaya flower so took this photo. You can see on the bottom there are a couple of more mature fruits, plus a baby fruit on the right side.
Tropical plants are so interesting - oftentimes their flowers are very thick and large. I wonder what pollinates it - perhaps a vampire bat?